‘This Week of Grace’ 1933

        • Gracie Fields – Grace Milroy
        • Henry Kendall – Lord Clive Swinford
        • John Stuart – Henry Baring
        • Frank Pettingell – Mr Milroy
        • Minnie Rayner – Mrs Milroy
        • Douglas Wakefield – Joe Milroy
        • Vivian Foster – Vicar
        • Marjorie Brooks – Pearl Forrester
        • Helen Haye – Lady Warmington
        • Nina Boucicault – Duchess of Swinford
        • Writers: Jack Marks, H Fowler Mear
        • Story: Maurice Braddell, Nell Emerald
        • Director: Maurice Elvey
        • Producer: Julius Hagen
        • Music Director: Percival Mackay
        • Cinematography: Sydney Blythe
        • Sound Department: Baynham Honri

Songs:  Mary Rose * My Lucky Day * Happy Ending * Melody at Dawn * When Cupid Calls * Heaven Will Protect an Honest Girl


The extremely funny finale, Gracie at her best.


'This Week of Grace' flier b

'This Week of Grace' flier a









Costume worn to meet the Mayor during Gracie's second 'official' visit to Rochdale 'Comin 'whoam'

The outfit Gracie wore to meet the Mayor during her second ‘official’ visit to Rochdale ‘Gracie Coming ‘Whoam’ in 1933

The same costume worn in 'This Week of Grace'

The same outfit worn in ‘This Week of Grace’