This Is Your Life 1960

The 'Big Red Book'

The ‘Big Red Book’

Gracie was surprised by Eamonn Andrews after filming ‘What’s My Line’ on Sunday 20th March 1960.

Title page

Title page

Having stated previously that she wouldn’t like to appear on the show, Gracie’s surprise was episode 30 of series 5.

“She has always been pretty definite that she would not appear on This Is Your Life, but she thought it was wonderful when it was all over. She can’t understand now why she ever thought she would be annoyed.”  -Lillian Aza

On the show, tributes came from …… Boris Alperovici – Arthur Winterbottom – Alderman C H Bryning OBE JP – Barbara Pape – Stephen Pape – Doreen Rose – Margaret Poynter – Tom Webster – Eva Turner – Alberto Semprini – Norman Wisdom – Father Mario Borrelli – Sir Carol Reed                              

Interstingly, nobody from Gracie’s family made an appearance on the show, and neither did her companion from the 1930s Mary Davey. Instead, some very tenuous guests were chosen.

Gracie first appeared on ‘This Is Your Life’ in a live telephone conversation to Florence Desmond. She later appeared on Arthur Askey and Alberto Semprini’s editions of the show.

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