‘The Show Goes On’

'The Show Goes On'

‘The Show Goes On’

  • Gracie Fields – Sally Scowcroft
  • Owen Nares – Martin Fraser
  • John Stuart – Mack McDonald

The Show Goes On







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Songs: We’re All Good Pals Together – In a Little Lancashire Town – My Love for You – I Never Cried So Much in All My Life – You’ve Got to Smile – A Song in Your Heart




The new Gracie Fields production, ‘The Show Goes On’, has been released in England and other parts of the Empire as a special coronation attraction, and copies were dispatched per air mail to enable Australia to participate in the now Empire-wide release. It will be shown at Radio Theatre at the matinee on Saturday and on Saturday and Monday nights.
The new picture, which somewhat reflects Grade’s own life story, was a happy choice for this auspicious occasion, for the universally popular Gracie has for many years been one of the Empire’s greatest ambassadors of happiness, both in her profession and her great generosity in the worthy cause of charity.Cyril Ritchard is also prominently cast as Grade’s accompanist pal, ‘Jimmy’: Owen Nares scores as Martin Fraser, and John Stuart as Gracie’s home-town sweetheart.
‘The Show Goes On’ is a sparkling musical comedy, bubbling over with laughter and happiness, while rising to still greater heights is a new Gracie,greater and more glamorous, giving some delightful songs.
The Geraldton Guardian and Express. Nov 9th 1937 (Australia)


  • Writers: Anthony Kimmins, Austin Melford (scenario and dialogue)
  • Story: Basil Dean
  • Director: Basil Dean
  • Producer: Basil Dean
  • Original Music: Ernest Irving
  • Cinematography: Jan Stallich
  • Film Editing: Jack Kitchin
  • Art Direction: R Holmes Paul
  • Dance Director: Carl Randall
  • Wardrobe: Cathleen Mann