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  • In January 1940, the press reported that ‘Gracie’s next film may be her life story.‘ With plans to discuss this with Hollywood executives ‘the next time I am over in America,‘ Gracie wanted to tell episodes from her live to boost morale during the war. This film however, never came to fruition.
  • After appearing with Maurice Chevalier in two goodwill concerts in France and England in April 1940, Twentieth Century Fox were keen to make a film starring both Gracie and Maurice.
  • In May 1940, Gracie did a screen test in Technicolour which she said ‘turned out very satisfactorily ….. Believe it or not, I look lovely. Gives me oomph.’ Studio bosses however decided, due to the cost of the war, to make the film in black and white. Whilst this film was reported in May 1940, with the media storm of July and August 1940, all plans to record the film were cancelled.
  • In 1952, Gracie’s agent confirmed to one of Gracie’s fans that she was contracted to make a new film, but did not know when the production was to start. This film was ‘It Started in Naples,‘ but due to other contractual agreements Gracie pulled out of the film. It was eventually made a few years later with Clarke Gable and Sophia Loren, and features many scenes of Capri – including long distance shots of La Canzone del Mare. 
  • Barry Fitzgerald

    Barry Fitzgerald

    In January 1945, Gracie and Barry Fitzgerald were screen tested by RKO for the film ‘The Flying Yorkshireman’ to be directed by Frank Capra. It was reported by Louela Parsons ‘[The film] has been called off. Chief reasons for abandoning the picture is that the trick camera effects were prohibitive in price’.


  • 21st Aug 194? – ‘Gracie Fields has been signed to make a film, ‘Man Down Under’ for MGM in Hollywood with Charles Laughton as leading man.’