‘Sally in Our Alley’

  • Sally Winch

    Sally Winch

    Gracie Fields – Sally Winch

  • Ian Hunter – George Miles
  • Florence Desmond – Florrie Small
  • Ivor Barnard – Tod Small
  • Fred Groves – Alf Cope
  • Gibb McLaughlin – Jim Sears
  • Ben Field – Sam Bilson
  • Barbara Gott – Mrs. Pool
  • Renée Macready – Lady Daphne
  • Helen Ferrers – Duchess of Wexford




  • Empire, Helston The Premier Talkie TheatreWriters: Miles Malleson, Alma Reville (screenplay) – Charles McEvoy (play – ‘The Likes of Her’) – Archie Pitt (additional scenes)
  • Director: Maurice Elvey
  • Producer: Basil Dean
  • Original Music: Ernest Erving
  • Cinematography: Alex Brice – Robert Martin
  • Film Editing: Otto Ludwig
  • Art Direction: Norman G Arnold
  • Makeup: Gerry Fairbank
'Fall In And Follow The Band'

‘Fall In And Follow The Band’



Songs: – Sally – Fall In And Follow The Band – Fred Fannakapan – Lancashire Blues

'Sally in Our Alley' flier

‘Sally in Our Alley’ flier

Gracie and Renee Macreddy in 'Sally in Our Alley'

Gracie and Renee Macreddy in ‘Sally in Our Alley’