‘Queen of Hearts’ 1936

      • Gracie Fields – Grace Perkins
      • John Loder – Derek Cooper
      • Enid Stamp – Taylor – Yvonne
      • Fred Duprez – Zulenberg
      • Edward Rigby – Perkins
      • Julie Suedo – Rita Dow
      • Jean Lester – Mrs. Perkins
      • Hal Gordon – Stage Manager
      • Syd Crossley – Constable
      • Madeline Seymour – Mrs. Vandeleur
      • H.F. Maltby – Solicitor
      • Margaret Yarde – Mrs. Porter
      • Director: Monty Banks
      • Producer: Basil Dean
      • Writers: Douglas Furber, Clifford Grey, Anthony Kimmins, H.F. Maltby, Gordon Wellesley
      • Art direction – J. Elder Wills

Grace Perkins is an ordinary working class seamstress who comically gets mistaken for a rich patron of the arts. When she’s asked to back a new show, she plays along with it, hoping that she can become the  leading lady of the show. When the show opens Grace is a huge hit of course and goes on to become a star.

Songs:  One of the Little Orphans of the Storm * Queen of Hearts * My First Love Song * Do You Remember * Why did I Have to Meet You?



Maud doing Gracie's hair for 'Queen of Hearts'
Maud walking towards the camera

Maud walking towards the camera

We often catch glimpses of Gracie’s personal friends in her movies.
Here, Maud, Gracie’s friend, hairdresser and companion makes a split second appearance in ‘Queen of Hearts’.
'Reine des Coeurs' - Belgian

‘Reine des Coeurs’ – Belgian