‘Looking On The Bright Side’ 1932

      • Gracie Fields – Gracie
      • Richard Dolman – Laurie
      • Julian Rose – Oscar Schultz
      • Wyn Richmond – Josie Joy
      • Tony De Lungo – Delmonico
      • Betty Shale – Hetty Hunt
      • Viola Compton – Police Sergeant
      • Bettina Montahners – Bettina
      • Charles Farrell – Released criminal
      • Writers: Basil Dean, Archie Pitt, Brock Williams
      • Directors: Graham Cutts, Basil Dean
      • Producer: Basil Dean
      • Associate Producer: Archie Pitt
      • Music Arranger/Director: Carroll Gibbons
      • Stock Music: J.S. Zamecnik
      • Cinematography: Robert Martin

Gracie, a manicurist and Laurie, songwriter and hairdresser are lovers, and together form a musical act. Gracie sings and Laurie writes the songs, but when Laurie gets a taste of fame, he makes a fool of himself with a glamorous actress.

Songs: Looking on the Bright Side * After Tonight We Say Goodbye * I Hate You * You’re More Than All the World to Me * He’s Dead But He Won’t Lie Down


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Postcard from 'Looking on the Bright Side'

Postcard from ‘Looking on the Bright Side’