‘Just Gracie’ 1960 and 1961


For transmission on Boxing Day 1960, the BBC asked Gracie if she would like to perform her own half-hour show; just Gracie, a piano and an audience. The title was naturally, ‘Just Gracie’

With Bert Waller at the piano, and accompanied by the Rita Williams Singers, Gracie sang . . .

Sally * Sing As We Go * Somebody * In My Little Bottom Drawer * The Twelfth of Never *Fonzo (My Hot Spanish (K)night) * Getting To Know You * Something Wonderful * I Whistle A Happy Tune * What’s The Good of a Birthday? * Around the World * Little Old Lady * Walter, Walter * Bless This House * Volare

A Gracie quote from show: ‘I’d bash Boris’ head in if he asked for a cup of tea at twelve o’clock at night!’



‘Just Gracie II’ was broadcast on 28th October 1961.

Following the success of this show, Gracie again appeared for the BBC the following year in a similar broadcast. Again titled ‘Just Gracie’, this time Gracie sang more contemporary songs, as well as a couple of old favourites . . .

Life is Wonderful * BBC Anniversary Talk * Sing as we Go * How Are Things In Glocca Mora? * The Wickedness of Men * Oklahoma  * The Surrey With the Fringe On Top * People Will Say We’re in Love * Someone Keeps Sending Me Flowers * Moon River * Scarlet Ribbons * The Rochdale Hounds * Go Away From My Window * Put Your Shoes on Lucy * Tenderly * I’ll See You Again

Thankfully, both ‘Just Gracie’ 1960 and 1961 exist in their entirety within private collector’s archives. They both provide an excellent snapshot of Gracie in her natural setting: entertaining in front of a live audience.