‘By Request’ 1927


‘By Request’ programme
Monday March 7th 1927


During the run Gracie took ill (an eye infection from a dirty towel) and Betty, who at the time was playing in ‘A Week’s Pleasure‘, (another Pitt review) stepped in for a few weeks. Gracie also had more time off for a throat infection – unlike the 7 years unbroken performances with ‘Mr Tower of London’.

At some point for a few weeks during the tour, Gracie also took over Betty’s part in ‘A Week’s Pleasure‘ when Betty was taken ill with depression – so all in all, quite a fraught few years!!

Archie didn’t appear in ‘By Request‘ (which I’m sure Gracie was pleased about!), but both Tommy and Edith had starring roles.

'By Request' -Tommy'By Request'

'By Request' - Edith

‘By Request’ – Edith

By Request - Betty in 'Brum'

‘By Request’ – Betty in ‘Brum’

By Request, 1927

Fields and Rossini – ‘By Request’

'By Request' - Tommy Fields

‘By Request’ – Tommy Fields




























Information and photographs thanks to Mervyn Rossini

Below is a list of the tour dates for ‘By Request‘  (it’s always interesting to see how close she got to you, even if we are 90 years too late!). There are some gaps and we can assume these were for ‘time off’.


Sep 21st


Oct 6th

Oct 12th

Oct 19th

Oct 25th


Nov 3rd

Nov 10th

Nov 17th


Dec 2nd

Dec 18th

Dec 29th

Tower – New Brighton


Palace – Oldham

Hippodrome – Wigan

Empire – Leeds

Hippodrome – Sheffield


Hippodrome – Newcastle

Hippodrome – Liverpool

Hippodrome – Birmngham


Grand – Clapham

Empire – Finsbury Park

Hippodrome – Bournemouth


Jan 4th

Jan 11th

Jan 18th

Jan 25th


Feb 1st

Feb 8th

Feb 15th

Feb 22nd


Mar 1st

Mar 8th

Mar 15th

Mar 22nd

Mar 29th


Apr 5th

Apr 12th

Apr 19th

Apr 26th


May 3rd

May 10th

May 17th

May 24th

May 31st


Jun 7th

Jun 14th

Jun 21st

Jun 28th


Jul 5th

Jul 19th

Jul 26th


Aug 2nd

Aug 10th

Aug 17th

Aug 24th


Sep 9th

Sep 16th

Sep 23rd


Oct 2nd

Oct 9th

Oct 21st


Nov 2nd

Nov 9th

Nov 16th

Nov 22nd

Nov 29th


Dec 7th

Dec 14th

Dec 21st

Hippodrome – Southampton

Hippodrome – Wilsden

Hippodrome – Brighton

Hippodrome – Portsmouth


Hippodrome – Southend

Empire – Croydon

Empire – Kingston

Empress – Brixton


Olympia – Shoreditch

Palace – Hammersmith

Empire – Lewisham

Empire – Kilburn

Empire – Islington


Palace – Chelsea

Hippodrome – Wolverhampton

New Theatre – Northampton

Empire – Sheffield


Empire – Swansea

Empire – Newport

Empire – Cardiff

Grand – Birmingham

Palace – Halifax


Palace – Hull

Palace – Huddersfield

Empire – Nottingham

Grand – Hanley


Alhambra – Bradford

Empire – Stratford

Empire – New Cross


Empire – Newcastle

Palace – Edinburgh

Empire – Glasgow

Palace – Blackpool


Palace – Salford

Bedford – Camden Town

Empire – Bristol


Kings – Portsmouth

Palace – Plymouth

Empire – Penge


Palace – Blackburn

Grand – Bolton

Palace – Grimsby

Hippodrome – Leeds

Empire – Middlesborough


Hippodrome – Wigan

Hippodrome – Warrington

Alexandra – Stoke Newington


Jan 8th

Jan 15th

Jan 21st

Jan 28th


Feb 3rd

Feb 10th

Feb 17th

Feb 24th


Mar 2nd

Mar 9th

Mar 23rd

Mar 29th


Apr 5th

Apr 12th

Apr 25th


May 2nd

May 16th

May 23rd

May 30th


Jun 7th

Jun 14th

Jun 21st

Jun 28th


Jul 5th

Jul 12th

Jul 19th


Aug 1st

Aug 8th

Aug 15th

Aug 22nd

Aug 30th


Sep 7th

Sep 14th

Sep 19th

Sep 26th


Oct 2nd

Oct 9th

Oct 16th

Oct 23rd

Oct 30th


Nov 6th

Nov 13th

Nov 20th

Nov 27th


Dec 4th

Dec 11th

Palace – Reading

Palace – Oldham

Grand – Doncaster

Palace – Leicester


Hippodrome – Norwich

Hippodrome – Ipswich

Hippodrome – Aldershot

Empire – Kingston


New Theatre – Northampton

Hippodrome – Derby

Hippodrome – Rotherham

Theatre Royal – Darlington


Hippodrome – Rochdale

Hippodrome – Liverpool

Empire – Wood Green


Empire – Chiswick

Empire – Swansea

Empire – Newport

Hippodrome – Manchester


Hippodrome – Bristol

Hippodrome – Birmingham

Empire – Shepherd’s Bush

Empire – Devonport


Theatre Royal – Torquay

Empire – Chatham

Empire – New Cross


Theatre Royal – Dublin

Royal Hippodrome – Belfast

Palace – Salford

Hippodrome – Birkenhead

Hippodrome – Coventry


Alhambra – Morecombe

Her Majesties – Walsall

Empire – Nottingham

Opera House- York


Hippodrome – Stockton

Hippodrome – Aston

Hippodrome – Boscombe

Hippodrome – Southend

Hippodrome – Balham


Hippodrome – Southampton

Hippodrome – Aldershot

Gracie and Fields and Rossini at London Alhambra

Gracie retained at Alhambra


Palace – Blackpool

Grand – Birmingham