1937 – 15th November – London Palladium

The 1937 Royal Variety at the London Palladium was attended by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, their first RVP as King and Queen, along with the Duchess of Kent, while for the first time the event was set up for recording by the BBC to be broadcast live to the Empire.

1937 RVP, Norman Evans

Norman Evans

Gracie took seventh spot on the bill wearing an elegant white evening gown, she sang ……

Sally * I Never Cried So Much In All My Life * Little Old Lady

During the performance, Queen Elizabeth “gaily joined in the chorus of Sally, introducing gay irrelevances into a would-be solemn songs.” So popular was Gracie, the audience called her back for two encores, and ‘Sally’ had to be repeated.

Also on the bill, amongst others were …..

  • Florence Desmond
  • George Formby
  • Max Miller
  • Norman Evans
  • Will Fyffe