Gracie appeared alongside Sir John Betjeman on ‘The Parkinson Show’, series 7 episode 10, broadcast on November 5th 1977.


Alongside interviewing Gracie about her upbringing and her tremendous career, Parky asks her about her time in the factories, to which Gracie shows him the marks her clogs made on her ankles. Gracie talks also about how she enjoys coming back to England, and enjoys watching Coronation Street when she can.

She rounds off her appearance by singing ‘The Biggest Aspidistra in the World’ at the piano, with a few bars of ‘I Could’ve Danced All Night’ thrown in for good measure.

It’s cited that Parkinson took Gracie out for lunch before the film was shown, and she advised him on certain topics which she would rather not have discussed on air.

The show was re-broadcast on September 22nd 1979, following Gracie’s death.