‘Sing As We Go’ 1934

        • Gracie Fields – Gracie Platt
        • John Loder – Hugh Phillips
        • Dorothy Hyson – Phyllis Logan
        • Stanley Holloway – Policeman
        • Frank Pettingell – Uncle Murgatroyd Platt
        • Lawrence Grossmith – Sir William Upton
        • Morris Harvey – The Cowboy
        • Arthur Sinclair – The Great Maestro
        • Maire O’Neill – Madame Osiris
        • Ben Field – Nobby
        • Olive Sloane – Violet – The Song-Plugger’s Girlfriend
        • Margaret Yarde – Mrs. Clotty
        • Evelyn Roberts – Parkinson
        • Norman Walker – Hezekiah Crabtree
        • Writers: J B Priestly, Gordon Wellesley
        • Director: Basil Dean
        • Producer: Basil Dean
        • Music: Ernest Irving
        • Cinematography: Robert Martin

Considered by many to be  Gracie’ best film. In this morale-boosting depression time movie, set in the industrial north of England, Gracie stars as a resourceful working class heroine, laid off from her job in a clothing mill. ‘Gracie Platt’ seeks work in the seaside resort of Blackpool. This gives her the opportunity both to fall into many misadventures and, of course, sing.

Songs:  Sing As We Go * Just a Catchy Little Tune * In My Little Bottom Draw * Love, Wonderful Love


Scenes from ‘Sing As We Go’

Basil Dean filming 'Sing As We Go'

Basil Dean filming