‘Paris Underground’

‘Madame Pimpernel’ in USA

'Madame Pimpernel'

‘Madame Pimpernel’

Constance and Gracie play an American and a British woman trapped in Paris when the Nazis invade. Whilst trying to escape (unsuccessfully) they pick up and hide a young British airman shot down behind enemy lines, and manage to smuggle him out of the country.

  • Constance Bennett – Kitty de Mornay
  • Gracie Fields – Emmeline Quayle
  • George Rigaud – Andre de Mornay
  • Kurt Kreuger – Capt. Kurt von Weber
  • Leslie Vincent – Lt. William Gray
  • Charles Andre – Father Dominique
  • Eily Malyon – Madame Martin
  • Vladimir Sokoloff – Undertaker
  • Richard Ryen – Mons. Renard
  • Gregory Gaye – Tissier
  • Maurice Cass – Patriot
  • Adrienne D’Ambricourt – Margot
  • Andrew McLaglen – Sgt. McNair


  • Director: Gregory Ratoff
  • Writers: Etta Shiber (story), Boris Ingster, Gertrude Purcell (screenplay)
  • Producer:  Constance Bennett
  • Cameraman: Lee Garmes
  • Costumes: Drew Tetrick
  • Editor: James E. Newcom
Gracie really 'letting go' of the glamour.

I feel only one of them is really ‘letting go’ of the glamour here !

Constance Bennett both produced and stared in this movie, based on the true exploits of Etta Shiber during the French resistance. Constance had by this time lost a lot of her screen appeal and this was to be her last film in a staring roll, and also the last film Gracie ever made. Maybe due in some part to Miss Bennetts waining popularity, or in some part to the fans of Miss. Fields dislike of seeing their heroine tortured by the Germans, the film was not a great box office hit. But if you get the chance watch it on a Sunday afternoon, do.
A break in filming

A break in filming


Publicity shot for 'Paris Underground'

Publicity shot for ‘Paris Underground’

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This publicity shot from ‘Paris Underground’ conveys a good deal about Gracie’s character. In one of her many ‘furs’, alongside a gold and diamond encrusted brooch (bought for her by Monty) Gracie wears an inexpensive fan souvenir (one of which is shown on the photo).