‘Molly and Me’

lobby card

Lobby card

Molly, an out of work actor decided to get some work by ‘playing the part’ of an experienced housekeeper, only to find that the Butler, Peasbody, is doing exactly the same thing. Molly of course sorts it all out, along the way sorting out her employer Mr. Graham, a retired politician, and his floundering relationship with his young son. Some very good comedy scenes.

  • Monty Woolley – John Graham
  • Gracie Fields – Molly Barry
  • Reginald Gardiner – Harry Phillips – Peabody, the butler
  • Roddy McDowall – Jimmy Graham
  • Natalie Schafer – Kitty Goode-Burrows
  • Edith Barrett – Julia
  • Clifford Brooke – Pops
  • Aminta Dyne – Musette
  • Queenie Leonard – Lily
Oh, the Artfulness, the Sinfulness, the Wickedness of Men !

Oh, the Artfulness,
the Sinfulness,
the Wickedness of Men !


Songs: Christopher Robin is Saying His Prayers – The Wickedness of Men






  • Writers: Frances Marion (novel), Roger Burford (adaptation) Leonard Praskins
  • Director: Lewis Seiler
  • Producer: Robert Bassler
  • Original Music: Cyril J Mockridge
  • Cinematography: Charles G Clarke
  • Film Editing: John W McCafferty
  • Set Decoration: Thomas Little
  • Costume Designer: Yvonne Wood
  • Makeup: Ben Nye


Gracie and Roddy McDowell

Gracie and Roddy McDowell