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  1. Could you put Gracie’s song ‘Maggie’ on the website? Thanks.

  2. Its been wonderful to see the new Blu-Ray disc releases of Gracie Fields and rekindling memories of my youth in entertainment.
    I literally bumped into Gracie at the BBC which I think may have been run thru rehearsals at the time when I also was rehearsing for a children’s show as a lad. She did look frail and I commented humbly my Dad used to project your films around the villages of Kent in the early 40’s during wartime. She smiled asking did they like them? I like Sing as we go which Dad used to show on Pathe 17.5mm film I said. Bemused she said of good….

    I think this was around 1977 but a great time to meet the variety artists if you were in entertainment. God bless you Gracie a great lady.

  3. Hi – I am currently writing up my mothers memoirs/family history and one recollection she has was of visiting her Great Aunt in Belfast one summer in the early forties, when about aged 10 and hearing people in the street sayint Gracie Fields was singing up the road in the MIll – she ran up through the gates and saw her standing high up on the cranes in the mill, for all to see her, singing her songs. Do you have any photographs or newspaper reports relating to her visit there that I could place with the memories….hoping you can be of help! My mother clearly and fondly remembers the day….

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