‘Look Up And Laugh’ 1935

        • Gracie Fields – Gracie Pearson
        • Alfred Drayton – Belfer
        • Douglas Wakefield – Joe Chirk
        • Billy Nelson – Alf Chirk
        • Harry Tate – Turnpenny
        • Huntley Wright – Ketley
        • Vivien Leigh – Marjorie Belfer
        • Tommy Fields – Sidney Pearson
        • Robb Wilton – Mayor
        • Writers: J.B. Priestley, Gordon Wellesley (script)
        • Story: J.B. Priestley
        • Director: Basil Dean
        • Producer: Basil Dean
        • Original Music: Ernest Irving
        • Cinematography: Robert Martin
        • Art Direction: J. Elder Wills

Gracie Pearson rallies fellow stall-holders at a Birkenhead Market to prevent its takeover and demolition by a department store chain. Much hilarity ensues on the journey, including a boxing match in the Mayors Office, and Gracie in a gyrocopter !!!

Songs: Look Up and Laugh * Anna from Anacapresi * Love is everywhere * Shall I be an Old Man’s Darling


‘Look Up and Laugh’ sweeties !