Belle Vue, Manchester ‘Wall of Fame’

 Belle Vue In June 1959 Manchester’s Belle Vue Zoo & Gardens unveiled a new attraction, a ‘Wall of Fame’, and Gracie was the first celebrity to have her hand and foot prints cast in a cement slab and displayed on the wall.

Belle VueGracie arrived with Boris to hold her steady on 29th June.

Belle Vue



Belle vue

Thanks to Marisa for this image




The current owner, Brian Selby, told us: “They used to hang on the wall of the Elizabethan Ballroom“.

Belle vue

With thanks to Brian Selby, the present owner

After a mammoth investigation we’ve discovered the whereabouts of the block today, a shed!

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Davy Jones Belle Vue

Davy Jones of the ‘Monkeys’ leaving his prints in the Elizabethan Ballroom. Gracie’s ‘slab’ can be seen on the wall behind him.
With thanks to Brian Selby